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Landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) developments Pioneering renewable energy with methane recovery for LFG to pipeline production

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Landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) services
Pioneering renewable energy with high BTU LFG to pipeline
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Assistance and NSPS compliance for waste management companies and landfill owners

Paul, David and Luke Morrow

Morrow Renewables, formerly SouthTex Renewables, has established a reputation as one of the top firms in America for design, construction, start up, and operation of high BTU landfill gas plants. Morrow Renewables has over 12 years’ experience in LFG gathering, compression, treating, and marketing, as well as NSPS compliance assistance. The company also holds a patent on carbon dioxide stripping of pre-treat solvent for landfill gas applications, as well as two patents pending for deeper stripping of solvent to achieve higher methane purity in sales gas.

Adopting the Waste-To-Energy Model
Morrow Renewables, formerly SouthTex Renewables, began as an offshoot of SouthTex Treaters, a leading American manufacturer, supplier and midstream operator of natural gas processing plants and equipment. Since its inception in 1986, the company’s ownership has held a strong desire to exhibit environmental stewardship in all of its activities, contributing innovations in gas processing technology to this end. It was not long before this desire found a natural home in biogas and LFG recovery and treatment.

Says Luke Morrow, managing director of Morrow Renewables, “We realized very early on that, with some engineering modifications, SouthTex Treaters was uniquely equipped to meet a growing demand for renewable energy sources – by applying existing gas treatment technology to convert recovered landfill gas (LFG) to high-BTU pipeline-ready gas.”

SouthTex Renewables was born in 2000 to service the rapidly growing waste to energy industry. After years of pioneering growth, the company became Morrow Renewables in 2011 with the sale of its parent company SouthTex Treaters. Now the Morrow family deliberately focuses their substantial resources and experience in natural gas and biogas treatment and processing almost exclusively on the renewable energy sector.

Company Culture:
Innovation, Integrity & Sustainability
According to Luke Morrow, “What Morrow Renewables does is more than natural gas treatment, and even more than converting waste to energy. The recovery of landfill gas that would otherwise have escaped not only enables a new revenue stream, but has a significant impact on eradicating pollution and purifying the air we breathe.  At Morrow Renewables, we feel strongly that sustainability of the earth’s natural resources should be the driving factor behind ethical global commerce.”

Privately owned and financed by David, Paul and Luke Morrow of Midland, Morrow Renewables has kept the company mission and objectives undivided by outside interests. According to Paul Morrow, managing director Morrow Renewables, “The continuity of ownership, leadership and experience at Morrow Renewables has helped us to create a culture of ethics, teamwork and personal excellence that shows in everything we produce. Our operations have very little turnover, with employees and customers alike, and an environment of innovation that has already led to some new patented technologies.”

The first cow manure-to-pipeline gas plant of its kind in the world was designed and built by Morrow Renewables’ predecessor, SouthTex Renewables, in 2006. The company has developed the use of landfill plant service vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), holds a patent on carbon dioxide (CO2) stripping of pre-treat solvent, and two patents pending for deeper stripping of solvent to achieve higher methane purity in sales gas.

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