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Landfills are large areas of decomposing waste, and they produce alarming amounts of certain greenhouse gases, commonly referred to as landfill gas (LFG), every year. LFG is produced when microorganisms break down organic material in a landfill. When left uncollected, these gases are devastating to the environment, climate, and earth as a whole, contributing to atmospheric smog and ozone depletion.

Untreated LFG is composed of approximately 50-60 percent methane (a byproduct of anaerobic decomposition) and 40-50 percent carbon dioxide. At most landfills in the United States, a portion of these greenhouse gases seep back into our environment, while the greater portion is extracted from landfills by drilling wells, and then using a blower or vacuum system to route this gas into a central gas-collecting station. LFG is then burned off, or “flared”, in order to meet strict requirements imposed by the EPA. For landfill owners, this flaring requirement demands capital outlay for some type of collection and flaring system, while providing absolutely no return on investment once LFG is eliminated.

If LFG is properly treated after being gathered, then LFG can be repurposed to become a profitable, long-term renewable source of energy. After it is treated to high BTU specifications, LFG consists of about 95% methane, 4% nitrogen, and 1% carbon dioxide. All contaminants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been removed. From there, the gas can be sold into a natural gas pipeline, offsetting the world’s shrinking fossil fuel reserves in gas pipelines all over the world, while almost completely eliminating the environmental consequences of solid waste decomposition.

Morrow Renewables, formerly SouthTex Renewables, is a leader in U.S. landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) projects. With over 12 years in renewables, and over 20 years’ experience as a major natural gas processing plant manufacturer and midstream operator, Morrow Renewables is continuously targeting opportunities to develop projects for processing LFG to pipeline-grade natural gas. Morrow Renewables is capable of providing a complete solution to recover valuable methane gas for delivery into a nearby natural gas pipeline or for the production of compressed natural gas (CNG), creating numerous benefits for the landfill owner and the surrounding community.

Morrow Renewables will work with you to determine if your landfill is a candidate for a LFG to high BTU gas facility, and can provide complete services for an all-inclusive renewable energy solution providing long-term royalty revenues.

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