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Landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) services
Pioneering renewable energy with high BTU LFG to pipeline
high BTU LFG plant operation
Assistance and NSPS compliance for waste management companies and landfill owners

High BTU LFG plant operation

Morrow Renewables does more than engineer, manufacture and construct high-BTU LFG treatment plants – they operate them. Fact is, the processing required to produce pipeline quality gas from LFG is a highly specialized field that requires the experience and knowledge of a trained chemical process engineer.  A process engineer must also have additional specific experience working with the peculiarities of LFG, since so many manufactured hydrocarbons and chemicals are present in the gas (i.e. paint thinners, lubricants, aerosols, etc.), which would not be found in a traditional natural gas stream.

For reasons of safety, efficiency, and cost control, Morrow Renewables always operates the high BTU LFG plants the company installs. Morrow has operated plants with 97 percent or better run times over a five year period, and offer the fastest time-to-operation in the business. It is precisely because of Morrow Renewables’ vertical integration and operational command that the company is able to help negotiate some of the most dynamic deal structures in the industry.

Landfill Owner Assistance
With Morrow Renewables, you do not bear the full brunt of expenses associated with building, owning or operating an LFG treatment facility. Less operating capital is needed since Morrow Renewables takes full responsibility for the permitting and construction, maintenance and operations, and decommissioning of the plant.

Morrow Renewables has over 20 years of gas processing plant operating experience, and wants to partner with you in turning your local landfill into a profitable and resourceful community asset. Morrow Renewables is uniquely qualified for landfill gas treating and associated project development. If you qualify, Morrow Renewables will walk beside you throughout your renewables project providing:

Financial Strength – Morrow Renewables the resources to help finance all viable projects.

Resources – Morrow Renewables has all engineering, drafting and operations support in house, as well as some existing inventory of process vessels.

Technical Expertise – Over the past eleven years Morrow Renewables has built and operated five separate physical solvent plant facilities for landfill gas treating.

Innovation – Morrow Renewables is leading the way in LFG gathering and treatment – the company holds a patent on carbon dioxide (CO2) stripping of pre-treat solvent, and two patents pending for deeper regeneration of process solvent.

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